For some time My brother and I have given family sports items to be considered to go into the” Ark Sports Hall of Fame Museum “

Ray Tucker Gen Mgr had requested to the public by radio and newspaper to bring anything to be reviewed and if not used would be given back to owners.

We have ask for our items back for years!

Now they say they have no record of the items and in fact never requested any items from the General Public and never took in any items unless you were in the Museum as a star and have never given anything back any items to the owners that donated.

When we brought our items to their office we saw a line of ordinary people bringing their items,as well.

It seems there is now a cover up going on because most or all of the items Arkansas People brought in were not used and now are lost or stolen.

You may remember Ray Tucker was fired 2 years ago for not seeing his only employee stealing over $200,000 in company credit card bills, over 24 months. She is in jail.

We are putting the word out to anyone that has given anything to the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame over the last 18 years , that does not see it in the Museum to contact CR Anderson or Jim Anderson cra2251@aol.com or 501.228.0707.

We are creating a log of all items and value, and we may get you compensation plus damages with our Attorney.

The ARK Attorney Gen is also involved and watching to do their investigation.

Please pass this note to all your friends so they can pass to their friends and so on for compensation!

If you or someone you know has had something stolen by the Arkansas Hall of Fame, please click on the comment section below and leave us a comment, we will contact you shortly after that, and get more information.